Your Day. Your City. Your Future.

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Your Day. Your City. Your Future.

A One Day On Earth Local Initiative. A media creation event for the future of your city.

Why Focus On Cities? Most of the world’s people now live in Cities. As global population swells, the efficiency and functionality of our cities are essential to the sustainability of human existence.

Cities are the centers of our current society. They exist for the people they serve. Help us take a closer look at how we can better live together in tight communities, with the best services that provide opportunities for the future.

Your Day. Your City. Your Future. is a campaign platform that inspires urbanites to tell stories that inform a more sustainable future in their cities.


Your Day. Your City. Your Future. filmed in 11 major US metro areas this past Spring. Explore the results below and add your city to the movement.

The Platform

Your Day. Your City. Your Future. is a unique project encompassing Civic Engagement, Film Making, Social Media, Educational, and Art.

Working with a growing network of nonprofits, entrepreneurs, academics and a vast creative network (over 35,000 media creators), the YOUR DAY. YOUR CITY. YOUR FUTURE. 24-hour filming campaign ignites a collaborative effort to communicate topics related to our cities’ cultures and futures. The project uses tried-and-true methods of community building to inspire a network of doers. It builds relationships and conversations, while creating a valuable archive of media for continued use and education. The goal is not only to inform, but also to unite.

    The results are:
  1. A coalition of more than 500 organizations, invested in media creation and promotion.
  2. An established and activated community, connected through an online platform:
  3. A film or edited series of combined media.
  4. A geo-tagged archive of hundreds of vignettes and micro-docs for exhibition, celebrating the identity of the target cities.
  5. Thousands of hours of content (navigable via geo-location, keyword, and user profile).

Start The Movement In Your City

If you would like to bring Your Day. Your City. Your Future. to your community, please fill out the form below and a producer from our team will be in touch.

While filling out the application please consider lead-time as a major factor. From our experience, it can take many months of coordinated effort to successfully launch a one-day filming event.